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Server Application Format

Post by Madness on Sun Aug 09, 2015 1:15 pm


75 Hours In-Game.

15 Forum posts.

15 years of age or older.

Skype is required, do not apply if you cannot have daily access to Skype.

A Good standing with the community and staff is required.

Polite, friendly and active!

Please call your thread " For Ingame Mod - {Name} "

Copy the format below.

Madness wrote:1. In-game name:

2. IRL name:

3. Your birthday and birth year:

4. The timezone you're active in:

5. State any punishments you've received from GS Staff:

6. List any skills you have that may help in you being even more successful in a helper position:

7. Why should we consider you for a position on our Staff Team:

8. How active are you in-game? (Average time per day)

9: Extra:
(Tell the community and staff team about yourself)


Your mate is online and he breaks a rule such as scamming, how do you handle the situation?

You find a player advertising another website that may contain a virus, what do you do?

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