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Official Forum Rules

Post by Madness on Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:54 pm

1. Bad behaviour
We do not allow any harassment, flaming or disrespecting directed to a single member or group
to deframe their reputation, character or race through topics, posts or PMs.
This includes excessive swearing, insulting due to gender, religious beliefs, age, etc.

2. Inappropriate Material
Such as half-naked women, men, or other forms of nudity or half sight of nudity will be classified as inappropriate content on the forums. This will be made for avatars, signatures, or any place that allows a user to "advertise" the content. We will not allow any form of  drug related images on the forum in avatars, signatures, or any place that allows a user to "advertise" the content either. We will not tolerate these actions and will be enforced at all times, should discussion, photos, videos, avatars, signatures happen around Ultimatescape he or she will suffer the consequences

3. Inappropriate Content
Content that provides media of drug use, bad behavior and other various forms of content that is deemed inappropriate (which is the discretion of the moderator) will be removed at all times, and enforced. This is not a community for such things and we do not want to advertise this over the website for our younger audience regardless if they know about it. This isn't what this community is for so keep it off.

4. Inappropriate Usernames
Inappropriate names that contain any vulgar language, hate crime, relationship to pornographic material, or anything that would be considered inappropriate of any sort. The member will be requested to choose another username by a staff member (you will have 24 hours to respond). After a he/she has not responded or refused the change given by the staff's discretion they may face serious consequences such as banned and/or account deleted.

5. Off Topic Posting (OTP)
Posts that do not contribute to the thread is considered off topic. This rule has been broken down into smaller proportions.

6. One Word Posting (OWP)
Posts that consist of a single word ("support, lol, thanks, cool, etc.") will be considered spamming on the forums. Emoticons and pictures do not count as words.

7. Double-posting
Double posting is forbidden. Please combine multiple thoughts into one post, and edit if necessary.

8. Grave digging
This is considered spam and is the act of posting on threads in which the last post is at least 2 weeks(14 days) old. A member should only post on a dead thread is if he/she is adding something worthwhile to the thread itself. This rule does not apply to topics that are pinned as they are already at the top of the board.

9. Trolling
Trolling is unacceptable on the forums, it's idiotic and immature.

10. Wrong Section
Posting in the correct section and board is required at all times. If a member doesn't know where something goes, contact a member and/or a staff member.

11. Misleading links
If the common link that is allowed does not lead to where it the member states it leads to can result in a permanently removed. This includes Advertising.

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