Official Ingame Rules

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Official Ingame Rules

Post by Madness on Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:51 pm

1. Blackmailing players is illegal and may result in a suspension on your in-game and/or forum account.

2. Luring in the help clan chat, the market clan chat, or over the ::yell channels is illegal.

3. Buying and Selling at home is ILLEGAL! Please go to the ::market when buying/selling, or you will receive a mute.
4. Buying and Selling in the 'Help' cc is ILLEGAL.  Please go to ::market, or join a CC dedicated to trading (such as 'market' cc) instead.
- Asking if a player has an item for the intent of purchasing it is ALSO illegal.
- Attempting to find/use 'loopholes' in this rule is the same as breaching this rule.

5. Scamming a player VIA trade or the duel arena (changing the rules to an agreed stake) is illegal.  Players caught with sufficient video evidence will be punished accordingly.

6. Advertising a false price for items in your POS is illegal. Players caught doing so will be punished for scamming.

7. Buying or selling US2 items, accounts or serviced related to the game with IRL money or items from ANY other game is strictly forbidden.  Attempting to RWT, I.E. asking players to buy your items will result in the same punishment.  This also includes buying donations with in-game currency.

8.Killing someone, or asking to kill a player for the sole purpose of gaining an EP drop or to farm PkP will result in a temporary or permanent BAN of your account depending on the severity of the offense.

9. Goldfarming ( and EP-farming (making new accounts to kill in the wilderness for loot) is forbidden. Farming for minigame rewards (killing alternate accounts in order to gain additional points or to make games go faster) is also forbidden.

10. Standing on fights in the wilderness is illegal and will be punished for.

11. AFK training is illegal. You must respond within 4 minutes, or your account may be jailed.

12. AutoClickers and bots of any kind are strictly Forbidden. Auto-Typers are allowed only in Market, Bossing or the Duel arena, with an interval of atleast 5 seconds. You may not go AFK with an autotyper on. Even if you are in one of the designated zones.

13. Any account that has been caught as being a mule may be permanently banned without any chance of appeal.  Holding items for a banished player is illegal, and you must give the items up to a staff member ranked as a moderator or higher.  If you refuse to give the items up, and continue to hold it.  You will be held responsible.

14. Staff impersonation: Pretending to be another staff member for the purpose of entertainment or fraud is strictly illegal. New accounts with names similar to staff members may be asked to create a new account to avoid trouble in the future.

15. Spamming in-game for any reason is illegal and punishments will follow.

16. Muling: Transferring items to an account in an attempt to hide them from the staff or for illegal purposes.

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